Richard James’s chess and music posts

Even more complete chess addict coverRichard James is jointly responsible with Mike Fox for the utterly wonderful The Even More Complete Chess Addict (Faber: 1993). In that book, they comment, in their section on famous chess-playing musicians, that “If [they] could be reincarnated, they’d look pretty good in the European club championship (and even better at the post-match concert)”.

Fortunately for me, Richard has gone beyond his 1993 book in a series of blog posts about musical chess players. His posts are mainly historical and biographical, and if you are reading this, you ought to be reading them. They appeared intermittently in a blog called The Chess Improver, and are quite hard to find as a group. So here are links to all seven:

Part 1: Philidor

Part 2: Erkel and Brodsky

Part 3: Parratt and Goldenweiser

Part 4: Oistrakh plays Prokofiev

Part 5: Taimanov plays, Smyslov sings

Part 6: Other voices

Part 7: Nette sings, Daniel plays


Author: Robert Samuels

I teach music for The Open University and play chess for Cowley Chess Club in the Oxfordshire Chess League.

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