The chess and music blog: one year on

Chess and Music Blog stats after one year
My readers come from every continent except Antarctica.

It is now a year since I began this blog, so I thought it was time that I thanked everyone who has taken the time to read any of the posts which have been appearing at the rate of about one per month (this is in fact the fourteenth).

I was asked recently whom I thought I was writing for. It was (and is) a very difficult question to answer. The truth is that I write these posts for myself, of course. I remain fascinated by the connections between the human activities of chess and music, and I am sure I shall remain so.

What has been gratifying, though, has been the discovery that others share my fascination – enough to read this blog, at least. In the twelve months that I have been posting, more than 500 visitors have paid this site a visit. More surprisingly to me, the site has been viewed from a total of 55 different countries across the world. Most of you come from the UK or the USA, of course; but this is my opportunity to hail whoever you are from Estonia, Honduras, Kenya, Palau and elsewhere who have stumbled across this blog at least once.

I do know some of my readers, who are club-mates from Cowley Chess Club, colleagues from The Open University (which has had an extremely eventful year since this blog started, although I would not claim any causation either way), and friends prepared to indulge me. But I have also made friends through writing here: I suspect that Greece features high up in the list of countries where the blog has been read mainly because I have come to know Achilles Zographos since his excellent book was recommended to me. If you haven’t read his book, at least read my book review: Music and Chess (Achilleas Zographos). And I have become at least a Facebook friend of Richard James, whose book with Mike Fox, The Even More Complete Chess Addict, and whose own chess and music posts remain constant sources of inspiration.

Finally, as I begin a second year of these blog posts, I do want to reassure my readers that I haven’t exhausted my topic. I am rather well aware that it has been quite some time since I last posted (when I answered the question Did Beethoven play chess?). Partly this has been due to the demands of earning a living during troubled times for my employer; partly it has been because the post on which I have been working for some time, a return to the Vienna of the early twentieth century and Arnold Schoenberg, has led me down paths I did not suspect and which have taken time to pursue (including attempting to translate a lengthy academic article written in German). But rest assured that my thoughts on Schoenberg will appear before long, and that I have plenty more musico-caissic topics to write up.



Author: Robert Samuels

I teach music for The Open University and play chess for Cowley Chess Club in the Oxfordshire Chess League.

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