Schoenberg y su Ajedrez de Alianzas

A post from this blog appears in Spanish

When I surveyed the diverse nature of my readership in Who reads the Chess and Music blog?, I remarked that the most surprising contact I have had so far was from Miguel Ángel San José, the editor of a Madrid-based cultural journal, El Rapto de Europa. Señor San José asked permission to translate and publish one of my posts.

I am very pleased to announce that Issue 41 of the journal, dated October 2019, has now been published. It has the issue title Ajedrez: Aperturas y enroques [Chess: Openings and Castlings]. I received my copies today, and very fine they look:


The issue contains a translation of my blog post Schoenberg’s Coalition Chess, making it the first commercial publication of a post from this blog, and the first translation of any of my work into Spanish. There are several other articles in the issue, all of which look well worth reading, although my knowledge of Spanish doesn’t get me much further than guessing at their content from their titles. One is dedicated to Marcel Duchamp, who features heavily in my John Cage and his musical chess pieces: Part One and John Cage and his musical chess pieces: Part Two.

If you wish to purchase a copy, you can contact the publisher via the web page devoted to the issue. Editors of any other cultural journals who wish to disseminate materials from this blog should use the contact page to get in touch with me.

Author: Robert Samuels

I teach music for The Open University and play chess for Cowley Chess Club in the Oxfordshire Chess League.

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